Some definitions of syzygy:
1. The configuration of the sun, the moon, and Earth lying in a straight line.
2.  An archetypal pairing of contrasexual opposites, symbolizing the communication of the conscious and unconscious minds.
3. A term used by Carl Jung to mean a union of opposites.

I am stretching the definition of "syzygy" to include a lining up of 3 things.  Three paintings, three sculptures and thirty-three works on paper forming a configuration in the gallery instead of a straight line. Truth be told, i just like the word "syzygy" which reminds me of synergy or sizzle as in the sizzle of Latin music and dance. Outside the studio i am learning the rhythm of salsa dance so while working in the studio, i can dance to the music as I am working.


detail from syzygy installation

My work in this show embodies my love of materials and the relationships of harmony and beauty.  A material that is not usually thought of as beautiful such as cardboard tubes and duct tape, fulfill my desire to work with discarded materials rather than adding another thing to the land fill.  And sometimes those materials can be humorous and even a bit sizzley when used together.  


"Structures of Essential Folly II and III"

These three sculpture evolved from my last show "In the Grid" where I used mostly chenille stems and found objects to create networks and grids.  I let my newly adopted kitten (Chai) play with or rather, "pounce-on" one of the chenille stem sculptures.   Chai changed the organized grid into a wobbly structure reminiscent of a Sol Lewit breaking down which created my new direction.  


detail from Structure of Essential Folly III


detail from syzygy installation

Structure of Essential Folly I, cardboard and tape

From "Hybrids" series, middle painting

"Green Grass and Cartwheels"

48 x 36 inches, m.m on wood panel

From "Hybrids" series

"Put Your Head On A Shelf"

40 x 36 inches, m.m on wood panel

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