Happy to announce a solo show opening September 22,2016. The artist talk and reception will be on Oct. 1st 4-6pm. Hope to see you there.


Vander Meer at SFMOMA Artists Gallery.


Detail of gallery installation


SFMOMA Artists Gallery
Building A, Fort Mason
San Francisco,CA

Dates: July 18 - August 27, 2015
Opening Reception: Wednesday, July 29, 5 - 7pm


"syzygy" at Mercury 20 in Oakland.

Detail of syzygy installation


Mercury 20 Gallery
475 25th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway)

Dates: September 25 - November 1, 2014
Artist's Talk/Reception: Saturday, September 27, 4 - 6pm
Art Murmur: Friday October 3, 6-9pm
Third Thursdays: October 16, 6-8pm



"In the Grid" at Mercury 20 in Oakland.

Detail Image: Big Pink Structure, chenille stems, 48 x 36 inches


Mercury 20 Gallery
475 25th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway)

Dates: August 15th - September 21
Artist's Talk/Reception: Saturday, August 24, 4:30 - 6:30pm
Oakland Art Murmur/First Friday Openings: September 6, 6-9pm
Third Thursday Art Walk: August 24, 6-8pm



"Red in the Interlude" at Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland.

Dates: October 25th - December 1st, 2012
Artists' Reception: Saturday, November 10th, 5-7pm
Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Openings: November 2nd, 6-9pm


What do Kerry and Cindy have in common?

I am thrilled that I get to show in the same building during the same time as Cindy Sherman! And it's fitting that Cindy has a piece of mine in her collection...I just wish I had a piece of hers in mine.

SFMOMA Artists Gallery Newsletter July - August, 2012

As an extension of the Gallery's exhibition program at Fort Mason, solo shows featuring selected Gallery artists are on view year-round at SFMOMA's Caffè Museo. Located at 151 Third Street, Caffè Museo is open Friday through Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (closed Wednesdays).

Kerry Vander Meer
July 12 - August 21, 2012

Bay Area printmaker Kerry Vander Meer shows recent work that draws on images from everyday life. Household fixtures such as chandeliers and common items like shopping carts show up as silhouettes in brightly colored works where the negative space is as important as the positive.

Vander Meer, who teaches printmaking workshops in both California and Mexico, encourages viewers to consider how the space around the images creates what she calls "hidden treasure": "I look through, around, or underneath an organized clutter of (visual) information. Hopefully underneath that clutter exists a larger space of calm."

Image caption: Kerry Vander Meer, Hidden Treasure 1, 2011; photo: Don Tuttle


Fireflies in California? Come see the new group show I am in: "Michigan" at Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland.

Detail from interactive sculpture installation on Fire Flies



Exhibition datDates: June 21 - July 28th
Artists' Reception: June 30, 6-8pm
Oakland Art Murmur First Friday Openings: July 6, 6-9pm
Artists' Talk: June 30, 5pm

I grew up in Michigan and some of my best memories are of summers spent as a child chasing fire flies as they flitted across the damp grass in our backyard. So it was quite a surprise to discovered that no less than five members of the Mercury 20 Gallery hail from my home state. We decided to do a show...

Eric Bohr
Jody Medich
Mary Curtis Ratcliff
Kerry Vander Meer

* Special thanks to Dave Meeker for generously giving endless hours and days helping me create the fire flies.


For the month of October I'm in 2 shows in Uptown Oakland.

 * A solo show of mixed media pieces titled:  "The S p a c e Between"

Mercury 20 Gallery 475 25th Street (between Telegraph and Broadway) Oakland

 * A group show titled:  "You Can't Make Art by Making Art" / A Glimpse at the Legacy of David Ireland

Chandra Cerrito Contemporary 480 23rd Street   Oakland Gallery (510) 260-7494



We have added the corner property to our Mazatlan casa which is the new art studio and workshop space!!! The new addition used to be part of this 100+ year old house and I am thrilled to have it all together again. There is a sleeping loft above the studio for guests.   We look forward to your joining us in 2012.


Friends and family celebrating our wedding in Dec., 2010.

December 2010 was a full month.  On the 10th, my best friend Rod and I got married after can you believe it...34 years together.  I have gained 2 daughters in the process so now I have 3 lovely daughters! The evening before the wedding, 50 friends & family celebrated the happy event with gifts of love,flowers, and food.


Preregistration required, click here to enroll. Workshops are limited to 7 students. To insure a space, register early. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel workshops with re-enrollment or full refund.
For more information: 510 325-7476, or e-mail: kerryv@pacbell.net